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SIGMA Accounting Services are unique within the field of Accounting Services due to our exceptionally client focussed and commercial approach gained from the managements breadth and depth of experience from a variety of accounting roles.

We recognise the increasing complexity within the regulatory environment that businesses currently operate in, coupled with the challenges faced by businesses in a fiercely competitive and globalised economy.We aim to tailor our approach to suit each Business structure and size and work to understand our clients needs, ensuring we provide the service that is expected of us leaving clients to focus their efforts on the crucial task of developing their Business.






If you are looking to set up a company, we can assist in its formation. You can choose either a tailor-made company with a name of your choice or a ready-made company, which is available for purchase and immediate trading......


Corporation tax represents a substantial part of your trading costs!
With increased reporting obligations, more robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance......


Sigma provides an extensive bookkeeping and accountancy services tailored to suit the specific needs of your business..............